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Album: SKY / "Blue As Da..."

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Comb My Hair
Haters feat. Young Lee
Like My Style feat. Aleesha
Put Your Thumbs Up feat. Aleesha
So Fly
Totally Hot feat. Young Lee
7. Me And You feat. Keela
8. Wonderful, Beautiful feat. Keela
9. Can You Imagine
10. Love Song
Sky has been rapping since she was 10 years old.
After performing other artists’ songs for a while she soon realized that the only person who can write what she wants to say and say it the way she wants to express it, is herself.
So she started writing her own poems, raps and rhymes and performed locally in and around Los Angeles and all over California.
When writer/producer Peter Roberts was looking for a young female rapper to be featured on a song for singer Daechelle, he remembered the little girl rapper that was introduced to him a few years ago by her uncle, when she had just turned twelve.
Of course by now
Sky was already 19 and not so little anymore and she had also turned into a serious Rap artist. In spring of 2009 the time seemed right to finally begin writing and recording songs for her first own album.
We at BDM Records are proud to present her first full length album release entitled “Blue As Da…”

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