Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Dance Dance: James Bond Theme Songs Go EDM
The top songs from 007 movies are shaking up clubs with new Electronic Dance Music tracks in
License to Thrill: The Secret Dance Mission"
The explosions you hear on "License to Thrill: The Secret Dance Mission" are all of the sonic variety. A new collection of Electronic Dance Music, the dozen recordings use no drones, no bombs, and no weaponry other than keyboards, guitars, drums, and turntables. "This is EDM that shakes hips and thumps your chest," notes producer Peter Roberts speaking about the songs that are now being offered to DJs in clubs around the globe.
Boosted by the record-breaking box-office returns of the most recent James Bond 007 film, "Skyfall," the new tracks take the iconic songs from many great Bond movies and present them in hard-charging, electrifying, and high-energy versions. "We're seeing club dance floors really fill up when these tracks are unleashed through a big sound system," Roberts states.
Performers on "License to Thrill: The Secret Dance Mission" include such international dance music hit-makers as Jesschelle, Lisa Frazier, Vann, Charly, Aleesha, and Pepper MaShay. Songs include "Live and Let Die", "All Time High", "Diamonds are Forever", "A View to a Kill", "Thunderball", "Moonraker" and several others.

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