About BDM Records

In times of decreasing CD sales and increased piracy of any form of entertainment media we have decided
to start a new record label.
Crazy? Perhaps.
Makes sense? Yes, absolutely!

Over the last few decades major labels failed to provide solid homes for artists and their creativity.
Driven only by sales numbers, quick money and success, major labels failed to think of the long terms when it comes to real artists and musicians and their development.
At first, small independent labels tried to change that, but as soon as they and their profits grew,
they also joined in on the same chorus.

We at BDM Records are a small group of music lovers, musicians, publishers, producers and songwriters who want to provide a new playground
for artists who would otherwise fall through the gaps of the major and big indie label scene.
We provide production, label, distribution, publishing, management and song plugging services for our artists.
Utilizing current technologies and new strategies we are creating new opportunities and possible outlets for our artists to get heard.
We do not focus on a certain genre of music, but instead will work with any artist, singer/songwriter or
group we believe are worth working with.
Of course our judgement is strictly subjective and based on our collective taste,
but it is always driven by our goal of not letting anything of great quality fall through the gaps of the music industry.

Please feel free to contact us if you believe you have anything worth listening to.

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